All our physiotherapist provide hands on manual therapy such as joint mobilisation, massage, and muscle energy techniques. We also use a variety of techniques from dry needling, taping, McKenzie Method, Mulligan and exercise prescription to name a few.

If you are unsure whether we can help, why not give us a call and discuss it with one of our highly trained physiotherapist?

Point Cook Physiotherapy can help in the treatment of a variety of problems including:

Neck Pain:

Injury and postural problems are the main causes of neck pain. Neck injuries most often result from motor vehicle accidents, sports or occupational accidents. Our Physiotherapists can identify the reasons for your neck pain and provide effective treatment.

Back Pain:

The majority of back pain is caused by postural problems. Poor posture (including bending and lifting) stresses your spine. Ligaments are overstretched, muscles fatigue, joints and nerves are put under pressure. Our physiotherapists have the training to correctly assess the problem and provide safe and effective treatment. For rapid recovery, see our physiotherapists early.


Headaches are often caused by disorders of the neck or physical and emotional tension. Our physiotherapists can successfully treat most headaches and show you how to prevent the pain recurring.

Sports Injuries:

Most sport injuries are the result of a direct blow causing bruising or indirect force causing sprains, strains or tears. An increasing number of injuries are due to overuse stresses. Most sport injuries can be effectively treated by our therapists, enabling you to return to your sporting activities as soon as possible.

Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy Pain:

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to be in pain. Changes to the body can often lead to back pain, groin pain, neck pain and poor posture. Our physiotherapist can help relieve the discomfort and show you ways to be more comfortable by positioning, giving you stretches and exercises to strengthen your body. This will aid in the birth and your recovery afterwards.

Pain post partum should be addressed as soon as possible. New pain such as back and pelvic pain can be a result of the giving birth. Our physiotherapist can assist in getting your body back to its full painfree function.

We also have a Women’s Health Specialist Physiotherapist on staff to help you address any concerns with your pelvic floors such as pain and incontinence.