Stability #2


Once released, we need to strengthen the gluteus medius. Perform exercises such as clamshell holds then for repetitions to activate and increase its endurance. Hold for 3 x 30s each side for the first week then perform 3 x 12-30 repetitions each side daily thereafter. Start with body weight then use a mini resistance band once you can perform 30 repetitions each side with little fatigue. Ensure that you feel your gluteus medius working throughout. If there is a weaker side, perform 2-3 extra sets on that side. From there, incorporate standing single-leg stance holds, single-leg deadlifts, and single-leg step-ups to begin integrating the muscle into movement patterns seen within running.

As you release and build the gluteus medius, you will be able to enjoy running without the worry of imminent back pain and reap the benefits of added balance and consequent power to your every step.