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Running Series: Stability and the Hip #2

Stability #2   Once released, we need to strengthen the gluteus medius. Perform exercises such as clamshell holds then for repetitions to activate and increase its endurance. Hold for 3 x 30s each side for the first week then perform 3 x 12-30 repetitions each side daily thereafter. Start with body weight then use a […]

Running Series – Stability and the Hip #1

Hips The hips house the most enduring lower limb stabilizers used in running. One of these major stabilizers is the gluteus medius. Given the force this muscle must constantly create to keep the lower limbs stable, it often becomes tight and consequently becomes weaker through time. When symptomatic, the tightness of gluteus medius can be […]

Covid-19 Update

As many of you are aware there are now confirmed cases of community spread coronavirus within Victoria, so we’d like to update you all on the procedures already implemented in relation to the virus in our attempt to protect yours and the community’s health.